Importance of Systems for a Solopreneur

Importance of Systems for a Solopreneur


I want to talk about the importance of SYSTEMS for a solopreneur.

As online biz owners, we often work alone. And let’s be real – most of the time we feel we are flying by the seat of our pants and figuring things out as we go along. 

With limited resources, we learn from reading online blogs and articles, maybe taking a course or downloading pdfs and checklists. We scour the internet for advice from travel blogger “gurus”, but find that the more experts we follow, the more conflicting advice we receive. 

Then there are all the cools tools and apps out there in the online world – yup so easy to fall victim to shiny object syndrome!  So many moving parts, so many tools and, the fact is you don’t have endless time to devote to your blog, maybe you are still working a 9-5 job. It gets hella overwhelming!

To the rescue - 

Systems are processes you develop and use in your business for every repeatable task.

Instead of creating a process from scratch each time you do it, having something documented gives you a place to start. Then once you’ve done it a few times, your process will be more precise.

  • systems save time & effort
  • systems provide consistency
  • systems allow you to focus on what you do best

Having a set way to perform repeated tasks frees up valuable brain space for more creative pursuits.  Your time and brainpower are too valuable to waste on reinventing the wheel!

So here’s the big Qs:

  • Is your biz a hobby or a business?
  • Do you want to be a scattered solopreneur or a biz boss?

Stay tuned for a deep dive into how you can create systems and run your blog like a business.