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What The Students Have To Say

Beth was able to get a full gauge on the kind of person I am over the phone by asking me strategic questions about my application and myself as a person in order for me to have content to efficiently theme my essays, applications, and future career goals all line up together.

Sam, High School Senior

Beth helped me with great detailed feedback with helpful tips to improve my essay. She answered all my questions as well. I know Beth can help many students who are going through the same process right now.

Minahal, High School Senior

Beth explained the entire application process to me and broke down the important elements of a LOCI. She made the whole experience quite calming and relatable, I genuinely felt a lot better when she spoke to me about the process of reviewing candidates for Harvard.

Noor, High School Senior

Beth was incredibly patient and helpful with explaining the pros/cons of Early Decision. She didn’t at all sound annoyed with repeating yourself at times and, just overall, a very comfortable person to talk to regarding applying to colleges.

Eden, High School Senior

Beth worked with me just like mom; she makes sure that I'm happy with the choices that I'm making while also allowing me to hear her side and understand reality.

Caden, High School Senior

Everything you did helped me so much, and I’m so glad everything you told me to do WORKED. I got accepted into EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL I applied to, and am now attending MY DREAM SCHOOL…

The University of Wisconsin Madison!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the help and I’m so glad I got to update you!!!!

Sam, High School Senior

Beth helped me by giving me suggestions after reading both my supplemental's and giving me very in-depth and specific feedback on how to improve it and make it better. It was very nice working with Beth, she made it very easy and also responded very quickly when I needed it in a very quick turnaround which I really appreciated.

Sriya, High School Senior

I would recommend Beth because she is honest and her feedback will help a lot of people that need that little push to do better.

Yohana, High School Senior

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