Living On Purpose means doing what truly matters to you in alignment with your values and beliefs.

I can't tell you what that means for you, but you know it when you feel it — and when you don't.

Traveler + Minimalist

These two passions work towards the same goal -- a lifestyle that frees you from life's excess, in favor of focusing on what's important, and allowing you to prioritize experiences over things.

Minimalism is the THING that gets you past the THINGS, so you can make room for life’s most important THINGS, which actually aren't THINGS at all.
- The Minimalists

Our Designs...

Trello is a productivity tool that is both simple to use and ultra flexible, it is like a swiss army knife for creators!

Using my signature framework “The Teach In Trello Technique”, I create systems + digital resources that are simple to use, packed with valuable info, and visually engaging, all in one tool!

Using a modern minimal vibe, I place a high priority on functionality and beauty. The focus is on building systems with intention, every included resource serves a purpose.

Information Curation

My superpower is Information Curation. I compile knowledge and information, and bundle it into comprehensive systems.

I geek out on categorizing info, and creating checklists. I break down big ideas into step-by-step processes to reduce overwhelm.

I am passionate about making things visually beautiful, and portable too!

Fun Facts