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Welcome to the Keep CALM Education Hub!

This board is a knowledge base for "all the things" involved in preparing college applications. It provides information about admissions in one place, and at your fingertips for quick access, when needed using just this one tool.

The education is available on-demand, without requiring the structure of an online course! Or the investment of time you don't have!

Hold Up, There's More - this is an intelligent education system! Instruction is just part of the solution here. You can personalize any of the cards with info related just to your situation, or use the NOTES card in each list to record important information. Plus, you can add, move or delete cards as needed to customize the system!


I suggest you scroll through the lists to familiarize yourself with the type of information that is provided in this board.

Each list has a title card as the top card in the list. Below that are cards with additional information related to the list topic.

You can start with any list you want, there is no set order. There are a lot of lists in the Education Hub - consider making it a goal to review 2-3 lists per day to get up to speed on important college application topics.

But wait...this is not about spending hours upon hours reviewing the board, this is a jumping off point, a place for you to start. And the best part is you can jump around and review topics important to your unique situation and ignore the rest.

Doesn't matter where you are in the journey, - every student is different and college admissions is always changing!

Get started, knowledge is power!


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    Keep Calm Education Hub Trello Template
    Keep Calm Education Hub Trello Template
    ➡️ This is a DIGITAL product.
    Nothing physical will ship.
    After purchase, you will receive instant DOWNLOAD instructions.


    I informed Beth that unfortunately, it would be very difficult to travel to Ann Arbor Michigan from my town in Illinois, so she gave me a couple of valuable resources for me to show demonstrated interest, like taking a virtual tour and attending a virtual information session as well as emailing my admissions officer. (and they actually worked!)

    Sam, High School Senior

    I was blown away by the results from the call: I heard of Beth and her services through TikTok and shot her a DM not expecting anything to come out of it. After the call, I can confidently say I have a very good idea of how to write supplemental essays/themes for my app, and if I have any questions or writer's block, I know where to look!

    Sam, High School Senior

    Between her encouraging words and short stories about her own daughters’ experience, I came out of the phone call a lot more confident about my application.

    Eden, High School Senior

    I’m know Beth can help many students who are going through the same process right now.

    Minahal, High School Senior

    She answered all my questions in the best way possible, and I left the session feeling extremely reassured and confident in my abilities to produce a polished final product. The feedback I received was an integral part of developing my letter, and I know that without it I definitely wouldn't have liked it as much.

    Noor, High School Senior

    It was very nice working with Beth, she made it very easy and also responded very quickly when I needed it in a very quick turnaround which I really appreciated.

    Sriya, High School Senior

    It was great working with Beth. She gave me constructive criticism and honesty that I needed to improve, and it made my essay a lot better. I also felt like she really described what I should do specifically.

    Yohana, High School Senior

    I would absolutely recommend Beth's services for college applications to a friend or any college applicants at ANY point in the game. She is not your typical tutor/resource for help - she is VERY personable and knows the right questions to ask in order to gauge the right answers for creativity.

    Sam, High School Senior

    For sure would recommend Beth to ANYONE applying to college, even if they aren’t reach schools. She made the entire process just a tad less daunting by giving advice one-by-one & slowly to make sure we’re on the same page. She take time with people when giving advice, and it is so comforting to find someone like that nowadays.

    Eden, High School Senior

    I would recommend Beth because she is honest and her feedback will help a lot of people that need that little push to do better.

    Yohana, High School Senior